RH Oil Services vision is to emerge as the premier Iraqi Oil & Gas EPCC Contractor. We aim to understand the needs of Industry & our clients and deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.


Our mission is to be our client’s premier choice and most trustworthy partner in all our business verticals through the impassioned and unswerving engagement of our people, by considering every single operation as “mission critical” and successfully delivering the best services available following quality-driven processes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

To bring significant value to our home communities in all our markets through our responsible culture, being partners in our clients’ success, and protecting our shared environment.


Credibility, Quality, Harmony and Safety Rh Oil Services Team Core Values:

1- Do the job the right way the first time.

2- Be your own & your brother's keeper.

3- Tow-Way communication.

4- Plan, Execute, Measure & Adjust.

The Company

RH Oil Services is a 100% Iraqi owned company focused on providing high value-added services to meet the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation and civil needs of the Iraq Oil & Gas industry.

RH Oil Services management has over 50 years of cumulative experience in servicing the midstream sector in Oil & Gas industry on a Design and Build, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) basis.

RH Oil Services has a highly experienced and qualified professional team of engineers which includes technical staff, senior project managers, qualified engineers, quantity surveyors, and certified welders.

RH Oil Services provides all inclusive mechanical services to our local Iraqi and growing international clientele. This includes non-destructive testing and cathodic protection.


As an Iraqi company with more than 95% of our personnel being natives and all our equipment being company owned, we are cost competitive and are well experienced in dealing with the local communities and tribes.

Due to the nature of the work undertaken the company has very high standards and guidelines of Safety Management and HSE Systems. The company carries out regular monitoring of all its Systems and Operating Procedures to ensure that all works undertaken or materials supplied through its approved major suppliers are carried out in full compliance with the very latest legislation and Oil & Gas recommendations.

In line with this Total Quality Commitment the company has in-house Quality Assurance Systems to monitor and control all aspects of our work including materials, welding standards, pipework assembly, testing and commissioning.

Quality Policy

RH Oil Services provides its services to the satisfaction of our clients by complying with contract requirements and specifications. The Company conducts its business with a strong focus on the needs of the Client and commitment to continual improvement to achieve and maintain a reputation for quality and reliability.

RH Oil Services Company achieves this by:

1- Identifying the needs and expectations of the Customer through an effective contract review process.

2- Complying with the specifications, standards, regulatory & legislative requirements of Iraq and Client procedures during the project realization process, with focus on defect prevention and personnel safety.

3- Developing reliable supplier network for efficient sourcing of materials.

4- Continuously improving the business processes to render it more efficient.

5- Providing safe work environment and adequate facilities.

6- Training employees to comply with procedures and practices to enable them work towards continual improvement.

RH Oil Services recognizes quality as an essential element that provides the Company with its continued success within the oil and gas Industry. Consequently, it is AKT's policy to provide our Clients with products and services which fully meet their specified requirements and expectations and comply with relevant regulations, codes and standards.

Consistent with this policy, specific quality objectives are established at relevant functions and levels within RH Oil Services organization. By mutual encouragement, commitment and cooperation through teamwork, all RH Oil Services employees will perform their tasks diligently in contribution to the achievement of our quality objectives. These objectives will be regularly measured and reflected as a key performance indicator for our strategic objective to maintain high quality standard.

The Management of RH Oil Services is committed to active participation in the implementation and regular review of the Quality Management System.

Safety Mission Statement

RH Oil Services is committed to performing every work activity in a safe and incident-free manner with the highest regard for quality workmanship and focused on doing the job the right way the first time. Our Team Members are our most valuable asset; therefore, Safety is a Core Value at RH Oil Services.

Our guiding principles to achieve this Safety Vision are:

  • Team Members believe that all Injuries and Incidents are preventable.
  • Team Members can be safeguarded against construction hazards.
  • Safety Leadership is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Field Leadership has a responsibility to train employees to perform work safely and with quality at all times.
  • Preventing injuries and incidents is morally right and expected of ALL Team Members.
  • Working safely is a requirement of our Safety Culture.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

RH Oil Services is firmly committed to providing and maintaining an incident and injury free workplace. It is the policy of the Team to maintain safe and healthy working environments at all of its offices, projects and facilities. RH Oil Services will promote the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and the public as well as the protection, respect and enhancement of the environments and communities in which we work.

RH Oil Services will embrace and utilize the following principles to guide our commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental excellence:

  • We will hold Health, Safety and Environmental excellence as our leading core value;
  • We will promote Health, Safety and environmental Excellence continuously throughout and beyond our workplace;
  • Executive Management will lead the Health, Safety and Environmental improvement process;
  • Health, Safety and Environmental excellence will be a responsibility shared openly by all Team Members.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental excellence will be a key indicator of our organizational success;
  • We believe the prevention of work-related injuries and incidents is a moral obligation rising above all other considerations;
  • Team Members will be given constant communication and training on policies, processes and procedures to build skills to perform their tasks safely, to protect their health and the health of their coworkers and the community, and to respect and protect the environment;
  • We will make no excuse for inadequate performance and will hold those who do not demonstrate their commitment to our leading core value accountable for their actions. To meet our objectives, all RH Oil Services Members will act proactively with regard to Health, Safety and Environmental and community issues. This behavior requires the combined efforts of a concerned management, responsible and knowledgeable supervision and conscientious, well-trained employees. We will take all actions necessary to meet or exceed all applicable customer and government Health, Safety and Environmental requirements, laws and regulations. We will continuously monitor and improve operations, processes, procedures, technologies and programs that are conducive to maintaining an incident and injury free workplace. Our highest commitment is to ensure that our Team Members and those with whom we interact make it home safely, every day.

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